Hawks skipper James Sicily will be a test ahead of this weekend’s clash against Geelong after an incident with his should last weekend.

Hawthorn High Performance Manager Peter Burge spoke to the players currently on the injury list and who will need to prove their fitness to play this weekend.

James Sicily – Shoulder – Test

“James had an incident with his shoulder on the weekend during the game and we didn’t put him back out there towards the end of the game, given the game’s situation as we. He’s reported in today and we’ve had a good look at him, and we’re going to we’ll have another look at him later in the week and we’ll make a call with his availability for the weekend.”

Chad Wingard – Calf – Test

“Chad’s started training towards the end of last week. He didn’t play last weekend, but he did some training during the week and had a good hit out over the weekend. Today he’s fully trained, and we’ve got another training session on Thursday. So I’d expect him to be available this weekend.”

Ned Reeves – Back – Available

“Ned trained last week, he actually fully trained on Friday but we made the decision in the end not to play on the weekend. We looked at the last month and how much training he’d done as well as his game time, given he was managing a back issue. So he’s got another week of training, some training over the weekend, fully train this weekend and play this weekend that’s our aim. Just gives him a much better preparation into a full game this weekend.”

Will McCabe –Back – Available

“Will McCabe is retuning this week, been saying it for a few weeks now but he’s now managed to string together a great body of work and some training sessions. So, we’re looking at playing Sunday in the VFL, it will be half a game. Really exciting though, it’s been a while, well we haven’t seen him out there playing this year so I’m sure there’s some excitement out there, but he’ll be playing this weekend.