Senior Coach Sam Mitchell has fronted the media ahead of his side's Round 17 clash against Geelong this Saturday.

Here are the key points from his press conference:

On James Sicily's fitness:

"We're not sure just yet. We'll see how he goes at training, see how comfortable he is. We're probably a bit lucky it won't be too long, he won't need surgery just yet. So we will give him a chance. Because there was an injury there already it is a bit of a different management scenario. So we will give him some chance for this week. If he does miss, it will probably be just the one."

On Mitch Lewis:

"He's just got to get through training today, he's much closer to being ready. I was really pleased with his output in the VFL, it was a tough day for a key forward for Box Hill in the rain, but I thought he competed well and gave himself every chance."

On selection squeeze:

"It's the right problem to have. I think when you look at the best sides, there is a level of continuity about them and there is genuinely good players playing in their reserves sides who deserve to be playing, and we have that at the moment. We've got plenty of guys playing for Box Hill who are playing good footy, and you try and find a way to get them in, but you can't make change for change's sake in the position that we are in right now. So we continue to talk to those boys about knocking at the door and making sure they are ready to stick their foot in when their opportunity comes, because inevitably it will over time.

On recent form:

"Very much internally, we look at the one-game block. We do look at the last couple of games we have played, and we were really pleased we could win away against West Coast. But Geelong in Geelong, we haven't played there for 15 years or something, that's a stern test. One of the toughest trips you can do in footy is play Geelong in Geelong, and we haven't been experienced in that. We played a practice game there, I think it was last year, which didn't go too well. So I think Geelong down there is as far ahead as we need to look at our point right now. We are in a position where maybe these games will matter, but we can't influence anything except for the game right in front of us. We're excited, it is going to be a huge test for us."