HAWTHORN Captain Luke Hodge doesn’t expect the absence of Senior Coach Alastair Clarkson to disrupt the Hawks’ season as Brendon Bolton prepares to take the reins.

Clarkson was admitted to hospital on Monday night with acute back pain that was later diagnosed as Gullain-Barré syndrome, and won’t coach the Hawks for at least the next couple of weeks.

In the interim, Hawthorn Assistant Coach Brendon Bolton will step into the senior coaching position.

Bolton has been involved with Hawthorn for six years, where he spent his first two years as senior coach of the Club’s VFL affiliate before moving into the assistant role.

He was part of the coaching team for Hawthorn’s premiership last season.

The Tasmanian has spent six seasons in Clarkson’s coaching program, the longest of any of Hawthorn’s assistants - Luke Beveridge, Cameron Bruce and Brett Ratten – a key factor in the Hawks’ decision to instill him as interim coach.

Hodge said the transition will be seamless, given Bolton has spent his entire AFL coaching career with Clarkson.

“We’ve got a number of coaches who are more than capable of doing the job,” Hodge told media on Tuesday afternoon.

“I think ‘Bolts’, his relationship with the boys as far as he’s coached with Box Hill for two years with the younger boys who are now playing seniors and he’s had four years as an assistant coach as well.

“He spends a lot of time with Clarko – they’re exactly the same, their mindsets are the same for the game.

“The boys felt that for Bolts, it’s a great learning experience for him and all the other coaches will be there helping him as well.

“It’s different not having Clarko there but the messages and how we’re going to play will be exactly the same.”

Hawthorn players were told of the news on Tuesday, with their immediate rection one of care for their coach.

“Your first reaction is that you hope he’s ok,” Hodge said.

“The boys, their concern is pretty much just for Clarko and his family.

“It’s great that they were able to diagnose it early and he can get his treatment.”

Hodge knows Clarkson will still be a constant source of advice for the players and coaches despite not being present on match-day.

Everyone knows how passionate he is. Whether it’s leading up to the game, post game or probably even during the game he’s probably going to send messages to the boys,” he joked.

“(But) that’s the kind of person he is, he loves football and no doubt Bolts and the other coaches are going to get their fair share of feedback from him and so will the players.”