Box Hill Coach Sam Mitchell has given us a rundown on each and every listed Hawk who played in Box Hill's practice match win over Essendon on the weekend.

We haven't done THAT since 2016! Find out what the Hawks achieved on the weekend for the first time in nearly five years...

Emerson Jeka

"He found a bit more of the footy on the weekend which was promising. He got up the ground more and used his athleticism and workrate to his advantage. His play of the game was an outstanding two-on-one win out in open space which created a goal for the team."

Denver Grainger-Barras

"Denver played a little bit deeper this week but he found a bit more of the football as well. He used it quite well. He was able to take a number of intercept marks and possessions. He continues to be a work in progress around his consistency of concentration."

Ned Reeves

"He won the ruck battle but not as dominantly as he has in previous weeks. He competed well and was a presence in the air without perhaps sticking the marks that he had in the prior couple of weeks."

Jack Saunders

"Mighty Mouse brings a lot of energy. He played the last three quarters, he didn't play the first and came on at quarter time and gave us some real buzz. He is still learning the game and the way Hawthorn and Box Hill play but he won't leave any stone unturned in terms of his desire to hit a contest."

Josh Morris

"He was able to kick three goals but he was a little bit quieter. His desire to chase and pressure was again a stand-out. He covered a lot more ground this week which was pleasing. Despite his defensive intent, he wasn't quite able to register any tackles inside forward 50 but he continues to be a consistent contributor in our front half."


Harry Pepper

"It was a really pleasing game for him, his first full game of the year. He's got a great balance of offence and defence. He's able to shut down an opponent with his great closing speed as well as get his hand on the ball and propel our forward thrusts."

Finn Maginness

"He found a bit of the footy whilst playing a bit of a defensive role on one of the Essendon midfielders. His work ethic continues to be impressive. We are trying to aid his development and education with a few defensive-minded roles."

Damon Greaves

"Greavesy just played a half as he was the carry-over emergency for the AFL game. He was solid in defence. He went on to Jake Stringer after he caused us some trouble and was able to nullify his influence. He had an outstanding play right on the boundary line where he was able to push Stringer off the ball and save a likely goal."

Michael Hartley

"Harts is playing a bit higher up the ground and his kicking has really become a strength for the side. Rather than him being the guy rebounding out of 50, he is getting a lot of his ball forward of centre and therefore controlling our inside 50s. His ball-use as well as his defensive action has been pleasing over the last two games."

James Cousins

"Cousins got a heap of the footy. He played three quarters in what was his first game back after a while. He will be better for the run in terms of his disposal with some uncharacteristic skill errors."

Jack Scrimshaw

"Scrimma was really, really strong. He took six intercept marks. He defended really well - we know his offence is a strength and this week he was able to get the balance right and defend really strongly as well as continue to propel us forward."

Conor Nash

"Nash was outstanding. He kicked two goals and had a hand in another four goals which he could have kicked himself if not for some selfless play in the front half. His ability to work up the ground to create outlets for our defenders as well as his work ethic to get back inside 50 has been really pleasing. He has been a consistent contributor for us."

Mitch Lewis

"He was the dominant man on the field. He kicked 2.2 but that doesn't reflect his influence on the game. I thought he was a big, physical presence in the air and on the ground. He was able to have three or four score assists and just about everything he touched turned into a score for us. It was a really pleasing game from him and his leadership and influence on the game to drive our standards was also very good."