Born: October 16, 1912
- Died October 23, 2003           
Recruited: Auburn FC
Played: 1932 - 1941
Debut Order: 149
First game: Round 18, 1931
Final game: Round 6, 1941
Guernsey: 29 (1932), 8 (1933 - 1941)
Games: 143
Goals: 19
Vice-Captain: 1940
Best & Fairest: 1932, 1938
2nd Best & Fairest: 1933, 1935, 1940
2nd Brownlow Medal: 1938 (to Dick Reynolds, Essendon)
Coach 3rd 18: 1946
Selection Committee
General Committee: 1947, 1951 - 1955
Life Member: 1941
Hall of Fame Inductee: 2007

VFL / AFL Honours
State Representative 4

Stan Spinks earned the reputation as one of the finest centremen in the VFL during his era. Strongly built, he played with ferocious determination and dash. He often beat taller opponents in the air and was considered one of the great wet-weather footballers displaying outstanding skills with his delivery with the wet and greasy ball. 
Triple Brownlow Medallist Hayden Bunton considered Spinks to be one of the hardest opponents that he ever played against. After playing a magnificent game against Bunton at Fitzroy, the HFC supporters took up a collection and presented Spinks with 11 pounds, a rare acknowledgement. 
He was dropped to the reserves for disciplinary reasons, where he played outstanding football but was continually overlooked. Without getting another chance with the seniors, he left disillusioned to play with Camberwell in the VFA. A decision he regretted but such was his love for Hawthorn, that he soon returned, assisting in coaching and team selection and serving on the General Committee.