Born: 1894
- Died 1985
Club Trainer / Physiotherapist: 1925-1978
Life Member: 1947
Hall of Fame Inductee: 2013

Miller was one of the longest serving servants of the Club. He was a very loyal and diligent worker for over 50 years, the greater part of it in the chopping-block era when Hawthorn joined the VFL in 1925 through to the late 1950s, a time during which the Club experienced virtually no success.
A veteran from Gallipoli where he was wounded and lost an eye during the First World War, Miller offered his services to the Hawthorn Football Club in 1924, the last year that the Club played in the Victorian Football Association.  
Miller was a great favorite with the players, renowned for his feathery touch when rubbing out the aches and pains of many a player. Somewhat of a father confessor, he always had a bag of lollies in his pocket, ready to be offered to relax “his boys”, as he referred to the players, when they came for his specialized treatment.
Of interest, the Hawks Museum has Miller’s rub down table, saved for prosperity by Club Identity, Andy Angwin, and Miller’s 1925 membership ticket donated by his daughter-in-law, Jean Miller. Both items are on permanent display.