Looking for proof of Hawthorn's quality in youth?

You're in the right place. 

The Hawks have played 38 players this season, 24 of which are aged 25 years or younger.

Of this pool of 24 youngsters, 16 of them rank in the top 25 of a certain statistic between those in the same age bracket.

That's a pretty handy strike rate when you consider that there are 390 players who sit in this 25-and-under category that have played this year. 

A check-in with our list of little wins

Take a look at our cohort of 16 players who sit amidst the 'elite' areas against their contemporaries. 

Changkuoth Jiath

6th for total intercept possessions 
9th for total intercept marks
14th for total bounces
18th for total uncontested possessions
19th for total marks
21st for total one-percenters
25th for total effective disposals

Ned Reeves

4th for average hit-outs
4th for average hit-outs to advantage
9th for hit-out win %
17th for contested possession rate (compared to uncontested)
24th for average contested marks

Jacob Koschitzke

6th for average marks inside 50
16th for total shots on goal
18th for total tackles inside 50
19th for total marks on lead
21st for total goals

James Worpel

13th for total centre clearances
15th for total tackles
16th for total clearances
19th for total stoppage clearances
24th for total ground ball gets

Blake Hardwick

3rd for average rebound 50s
9th for average effective kicks
21st for average metres gained
23rd for average effective disposals


Mitch Lewis  

10th for average contested marks
20th for average marks on lead
21st for average goals
22nd for average shots on goal

Dylan Moore

2nd for total tackles inside 50
14th for total F50 ground ball gets
16th for total goals

Jai Newcombe

4th  for average tackles
15th for average pressure acts
22nd for average defensive half pressure acts

Denver Grainger-Barras

11th for average intercept marks
16th for average 1%ers
21st for average spoils

Jack Scrimshaw

14th for total intercept marks
19th for total bounces
21st for total intercept possessions

Josh Morris

1st for contested possession rate (compared to uncontested)

Lachlan Bramble

2nd for average goal assists

Will Day

11th for average intercept possessions

Finn Maginness

14th for contested possession rate (compared to uncontested)

Tyler Brockman

21st for average marks inside 50

Emerson Jeka

25th for average marks on lead