The sun was shining this week at Williamstown Oval, but the Hawks VFLW girls were shining brighter.
The team has been looking unstoppable lately, with this week's win to take their winning streak to seven in a row.
Here’s coach Cherie O’Neill’s picks for best on ground against Williamstown.
Jessie Williams
“Jessie was really clean for us down the forward line, raving the packs, and getting a couple of cheeky goals out the back there, so it really helped us out.”
Dom Carbone
“Dom, solid again, just week in week out, she just does the work, and she’s an in and under player, and I really like what she brings to the team, so she’s doing really well.”
Katelyn Cox
“Cox, was really good off the half back flank, she’s really enjoying that role too, she provides a lot of good run with us, and provides that open wing run, so it’s really good.”
Tamara Luke
“Luke, again another solid game, it was pretty physical out there, so a few sore bodies I think, but she was just a good captain, good leadership, solid.”
Bridget Deed
“Deed was really good for us in the centre, we had a really young team for us through the centre, and a couple of late changes, so she just really stood up for us through the middle there, so it was good.”
Emma Humphries
“Humphries provides us with some really good run there, just the way she opens it up, drives her legs and takes on the game, she just goes about her work week in week out."