The Hawks Museum received a recent phone call from Graham Arthur’s daughter, Marise Cooper asking whether she could arrange a visit with her grandchildren, Ava, Mac and Ted. This call led to a time for reflection.

Graham’s amazing story at Hawthorn is virtually unmatched.  To think that one of his last roles for his beloved club was that of a tour guide.  How lucky were those visitors to be guided through the museum, the gym, the locker room, the staff facilities and to the swimming pool where Graham would cheekily ask the visitors why Peter Hudson’s large photo was on the door to the pool.  He would chuckle and say that Huddo couldn’t swim to save himself!  This tour was followed by an opportunity to have a kick of the footy on the wide expanses of the oval at Waverley.

On entering the foyer to the museum for the first time, Graham’s three great grandchildren were amazed to see the larger-than-life portrait of their grand poppy.  Their love for their poppy became more evident when they spotted in the Legends Cabinet the number 2 guernsey he wore in the 1961 premiership.

This joy just magnified as Ava, Mac and Ted enjoyed seeing evidence of the incredible achievements of their poppy as they explored the museum.  This was a completely new experience for the curator to hear three such young children discuss with their mother the things their poppy had done.

This was followed by a request.  Could they go down to have a look at the oval in case some players might be training?  A suggestion was made.   Would they like to visit the players gym first?  On opening the door to the gym, they stood back in surprise when they viewed the players doing their weightlifting drills.  The ever-alert Andy Collins saw the three young children, eyes wide open, watching the players and invited them in.  Collins introduced Graham’s great grandchildren to the playing group, who eagerly high-fived, chatted with them and signed autographs for them.

It was then time to check out the ground and as they disappeared down the stairs, it was really rewarding to hear their happy voices not only reflect on their poppy but how good was it to meet the current crop of young players.

Below is the list of what Graham’s three grandchildren, Ava, Mac and Ted discovered within the Hawks Museum.  What a legacy:

  • Legends Portrait - 2005
  • Legends Cabinet - Graham’s Guernsey worn in the 1961 Premiership
  • Hall of Fame Wall - Inductee 2003
  • The 1961 Premiership Cabinet - boots he wore in the Premiership & the football presented to him as captain of the Hawks first VFL/AFL Premiership
  • The Best & Fairest Cabinet with Trophy from 1955
  • The Best & Fairest Wall - B&F 1955, 1958, 1962
  • Captains Wall - WEG cartoon caricature of Graham, captain 1960-1968
  • Team photo Wall - 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1967 and 1968
  • 100 hundred games or more panel - 232 games
  • Coaches Wall - 1964-1965
  • Trophy Cabinet - Allan Jeans trophy presented to winning team in the popular ‘Talk Sport with Mort’ trivia nights held in the Social Club during the 1990s
  • The Social Club 1961 - 1986 Premiership Mural - Graham holding Cup
  • The Mural to celebrate VFL/AFL 100 years during 1996 - Graham pictured holding the 1961 cup
  • Team of the Century Mural 2001 - named as Captain
  • The large photo of Graham as part of the significant club captains display on the windows in the Gym
  • The photo of Graham on the window displays in the Players Kitchen


Club Legend Graham Arthur’s great grandchildren, Ava, Mac, Ted with their grandmother Marise Cooper.