Hear what Senior Coach Sam Mitchell had to say ahead of his side's clash against Gold Coast on Saturday night.

On the Collingwood loss

"The loss was one of those ones where we knew what went wrong and what got away from us. We need to be able to control the narrative of games better. We said pre-season that we wanted to be in winnable positions more often and we were on the weekend, we just weren't quite good enough. The vibrancy in the group has been nothing but outstanding across the whole season which is a credit to the players positivity about the way we are going about it. Energy in the group is not something that has been a concern, the boys know that we've been making progress we just haven't seen it in the win-loss column just yet."

On James Worpel's strong form 

"Worps is such a low-maintenance athlete. He drives things himself, he is his own best coach. He is just so willing to do the work. When you do the work as consistently as he as over the years, the reward will come. I'm pleased he has been able to play so consistently. It doesn't matter what is going on around him, he is able to perform in his role."

On injuries and the opportunities for others 

“When you have a key players on your injury list it obviously creates opportunity and I think getting some of our players back like Seamus Mitchell came back last week, he had a couple of games in the VFL so that helped with our confidence in moving Black Hardwick forward knowing you have someone who can defend a small player. Seamus isn’t a huge name in the public eye but he is quite important for the way we want to play so getting a guy like him back allows us to have a little bit more flexibility."

On Sam Frost's consistency this season

"I know that the fans love talking about Frosty, but he plays such an important role for us. He is undersized and plays against guys that are well bigger than him every week. His desperation to win a contest is next to none. I'm glad he is getting some plaudits, he has worked enormously hard on his consistency. For the most part, he has been so reliable for us in my time coaching."

Watch the full press conference with Mitchell below.