Box Hill returned to winning ways on Sunday morning at Wonthaggi Recreation Reserve with an 11-point victory over the Southern Saints.

VFLW Senior Coach Michael Ericson said it was a hard-fought win.

"The team had to work pretty hard throughout the day," Ericson said.

"In the last quarter, we were going into a very strong breeze so the ability of them to keep pressuring their opponent and the ball was a really pleasing way to win." 

Ericson also reviewed all seven AFLW-listed players who suited up on the day and gave some shout-outs to some VFLW-listed players.

Tilly Lucas-Rodd (30 disposals, seven marks, four tackles, three inside 50s) 

"It was a super game from Tilly. The opposition were doing a few different things with the breeze and against the breeze and Tilly just showed their class. They played at both ends of the ground, helped set up the ground and just played an all-around good game."

Sophie Locke (20 disposals, 10 tackles, five inside 50s) 

"Sophie had a week as a midfielder and didn't look out of place. When she didn't get the ball, she was all over the opposition. She also had the ability to get the ball out of stoppage and get it in our front half quickly so it was really pleasing to see what she could do in a different position."

Louise Stephenson (13 disposals, five marks, four tackles, three inside 50s) 

"Lou probably took the first little bit to get into the game but when she did, you could just see the leadership she shows with the forward group and her positioning around the ground was advantageous to our group."

Jess Vukic (11 disposals, seven tackles, four inside 50s) 

"She had a slow start but worked into the game very quickly. She just provided that option down the line. The thing that excites me about her is that she had seven tackles and for a forward to put that much pressure on to keep the ball inside 50 just shows the work rate she's got. It was really exciting to see some glimpses from her on the weekend."

Bridget Deed (10 disposals, six tackles)

"They didn't allow us any easy ball use on the day and Bridget just had to work tirelessly in that midfield all day. She got a lot of tackles from trying to lock the ball inside and not let them get out. Some of her defensive stuff was really good."

Laura Elliott (10 disposals, three marks, three inside 50s)

"She provided great run and creativity off half-back. She just seemed to consistently come off her player and provide us with an option. She linked up well in the middle of the ground and gave us that option going forward which was really handy."

Sophie Butterworth (One goal, four disposals, four tackles) 

"Butters again kicked the first goal. She provided a consistent down-the-line option for when we needed someone. She competed aerially really well. Similar to Jess, she pressured the ball when it did get down inside 50. Going forward, it'll just be about how much more impact she can have on the game. She had a few almost moments when competing and when she starts to take those marks, it'll be exciting to see what she can do moving forward."

...and some shout-outs for some VFLW-listed players 

Tamara Luke (One goal, 29 hit-outs, 16 disposals, five tackles, three marks) 

"Tam dominated in the ruck and she just did not give up. She was not ever losing this game at home in front of her family. She provided our midfielders first use of the ball and great physical presence. She's having a great season."

Caitlin Thorne (15 disposals, nine tackles, five marks, four inside 50s) 

"Thorney did some really good things like taking the ball out of defensive 50 and getting inside forward 50."

Rosie Dillon (14 disposals, four tackles)

"She had a quiet first half and she'll be the first to say that but when we needed her in the second half and especially the last quarter, she really stood up and showed her class."

Our Eastern Ranges players who made their Box Hill debut (Grace Belloni, Evie Parker, Georgia Knight, Molly Paterson) 

"They each came in and added something to the overall team, highlighted by Grace Belloni kicking the match-winning goal in the last minute."

Box Hill next takes on Darebin on Sunday 19 May at Fenjiu Stadium. 

Ericson hoped his side could register back-to-back wins.

"It's our second-last game at Fenjiu Stadium in the home and away season so we're excited to get back there where it's been a little bit of a fortress for us," Ericson said.

"Darebin have had a good couple of weeks and they're going to be a physical side with a couple of handy midfielders, so it'll be a good challenge for us.

"It'll also be a good chance to continue what we saw around our pressure and our ability to get the ball forward."