President Jeff Kennett has penned the following letter to members.

Dear members,


The exciting changes continue at Hawthorn.

Last week we announced our new Captain Ben Stratton and Vice-Captain Jack Gunston.

This evening we announced our new number one ticket holders, which while honorary positions, are very important to the club and its reputation.

As you know, we are working to ensure we have the Board, administration and the people to lead the club successfully into the future. The appointments of our new number one ticket holders are made with that objective in mind.

I appointed Peter Hudson as our number one male ticket holder 11 years ago, when I did my first term as your President. Peter took over the role from our wonderful first Premiership Coach John Kennedy Senior.

Peter has given us invaluable service, not only in this position, but previously as a player, and continues to serve on our Foundation Committee. He is a rare example of a player who, even in retirement, continues to give back to the club in volumes, through time and effort.

Since we began our association with Tasmania, Peter has been invaluable in working with us to support this partnership, and we will continue to draw on his assistance when needed.

Peter is a real Hawthorn champion and the Board thank him and his wife Steph for the time they have already given and continue to give to the club.

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that John Kennedy Junior has agreed to step into Peter’s shoes and fill the role of our new number one male ticket holder.

John Kennedy Jnr, son of John Kennedy Snr, is not only a highly respected former player, but also plays an important role as president of our Past Players and Officials Association.

As you’re aware our future home will be named the Kennedy Community Centre, in honour of three generations of Kennedys, who have been a significant part of the fabric and values of Hawthorn for so many years. With John taking on this role it will ensure the Kennedy name continues to be at the forefront of our club as we progress with this exciting project.

Gwen Crimmins has been our number one female ticket holder since 2017. Gwen is known to us all, not only as the wife of our mercurial Peter Crimmins, but also as an incredible Hawthorn person in her own right.

The Crimmins name stands etched in Hawthorn history and will live forever in the naming of our best and fairest award, the Peter Crimmins Medal. Gwen and her family attend the award night every year and Gwen presents the medal to the player so designated our best and fairest for the season.

Gwen has brought incredible grace and charm to the position, as did her predecessor, Dulcie Kennedy.

We would like to thank Gwen for her service and the time she has committed to discharging her responsibilities as the number one female ticket holder.

I am thrilled to announce that Gwen will be handing over the torch to a great Hawthorn lady in Emma Race.

Emma is a Hawthorn tragic. A great supporter of our VFLW team and one of the most highly connected and successful social media operatives.

Emma will not only be a great ambassador in her new role, but I am sure an instigator of communication and activities that we have not seen before.

So, women of Hawthorn, watch out! Here comes a whirlwind of energy that will give new meaning to the role of number one ticket holder.

Emma will work closely with our Thornbirds, a group of exceptional women who have been carrying the brief for our female members for years. Together, Emma and the Thornbirds will make a formidable team.

Thank you Emma for accepting this role.

So members, onwards and upwards. We at Hawthorn are not standing still. We continue to promote people within the club who have served us previously. Both John and Emma meet that criteria.

At Hawthorn we are strong and we dare to be different.

Speak to you all again soon.

Jeff Kennett
Hawthorn Football Club