Star midfielder Isaac Smith has thrown his support behind adapting the rules of game in order to reduce the level of congestion.

Speaking to SEN Breakfast on Wednesday morning, Smith said that while he believed the game would open up as the season progressed, completely removing the use of the interchange bench would be the best way to solve the issue.

“I’m not sure how you fix it but I remember after Round 2 this year everyone was talking about how good the game is and there’s so many high scores being kicked and then within the space of four weeks everyone is saying it’s congested and it’s bogged down,” the 29-year-old said.

“So I think as you see the season wear on it’ll open up a bit.

“But I guess in my personal opinion if we want to change congestion I think the best way to do that is probably just nearly eradicate interchange all together.

“You’ll just see blokes fatigue and you’ll see the game open up a fair bit.”

The triple premiership wingman also admitted that such changes would  greater suit his elite endurance, likely giving him an even greater edge over the competition.

“My biggest asset is my endurance so the less interchanges, the more happy I am.” Smith joked.