The third episode of Hawthorn's Heavy Hitters again stays true to its name as it welcomes three big Hawthorn names to its airwaves.

Hawthorn Coach Alastair Clarkson returns to the show, giving an hours' worth of insight into his life as a country boy, coach and father that you simply cannot miss. 

Captain Ben Stratton makes his debut on the popular podcast as he divulges how he has led the playing group through one of the most unique periods in the game's history, while CEO Justin Reeves discusses the excitement of the news of footy's return with host Mark 'Howie' Howard. 

Listen to this outstanding episode below, or search and subscribe to Hawthorn's Heavy Hitters on your chosen podcast provider. Enjoy!

At long last, the boys are back on the track! Check out some of the best flicks as they hit Waverley Park this morning!