The line up

B: H.Taylor, M.Blicavs, J.Henry

HB: M.O’Connor, T.Stewart, Z.Tuohy

C: S.Menegola, P.Dangerfield, J.Selwood

HF: L.Dahlhaus, G.Rohan, T.Atkins

F: E.Ratugolea, T.Hawkins, G.Miers

FOLL: R.Stanley, B.Parfitt, Q.Narkle

I/C: G.Ablett, M.Duncan, C.Guthrie, J.Bews

EMG: Z.Guthrie, D.Fort, L.Fogarty, J.Clark

IN: R.Stanley, B.Parfitt, J.Bews

OUT: Z.Guthrie, D.Fort, J.Clark

Team announcement: Ready to go for season restart

What to expect

Despite a relatively average showing against GWS in Round 1, Geelong have proven to be a force to be reckoned with across the last 18 months.

It's often overlooked that the Cats finished minor premiers in 2019, finishing with 16 wins and an almighty 135.7 per cent. 

Their dominance last year was largely attributed to their midfield dominance.

They ranked third in clearances and fourth in inside 50s, two of the more important statistics for successful sides in 2019.

In Round 1 though, the Cats lost the clearance count to the Giants.

The midfield battle figures as an integral factor in whose favour the result will sway. 

Player to watch

The Cats boast a bloke called Patrick Dangerfield who is apparently pretty handy. Dangerfield has had his way with the Hawks before and one could mount a case that the shortened-quarter format could suit the explosive midfielder. The Hawks will undoubtedly be looking to minimise the Cats star's influence on Friday night.