Hawthorn President Jeff Kennett has penned the following letter to members...

Well, good afternoon Hawkers.

True to say we are not as happy as we might be! 

That said, we woke up this morning to start the rest of our lives and, as I always say, that beats the blazes over the alternative. 

Nonetheless, we must as always be honest with each other.  

The last three weeks have delivered the most disappointing displays by our boys that I have witnessed in years. 

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We have been comprehensively out played. The desire and skills shown by the three teams we have recently played in GWS, Collingwood, and Melbourne last night, left us floundering. 

Can I remind you, however, no other team has achieved what we have at Hawthorn over the last twelve years: four premierships!  

Just as it is true that you cannot win premierships every year, it is equally true that you cannot win every game you play. That said, we do expect our team to leave the field after each contest knowing they have given their best and done us proud, win or lose.   

It is also true, as we are witnessing at the moment, that the “experts” come out from their burrows with all the solutions and calling into question whether our Coach Alastair Clarkson is the man to turn our performances around. 

Let me say categorically, he is.  

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Both Alastair and I like nothing more than a challenge and enjoy nothing more than proving those with opinionsbut no responsibility, wrong.  

Just about every other club would give their right arm to have Alastair coach their team, but he is not going anywhere. 

I will remind you that coaches can only do so much, players must be up to the task!  

So, in writing to you today I want to put things in perspective. Yes, we have had three shockers, but we are proud and passionate. We stand together as a family with a great history and great success. While we refer to our history, we live for tomorrow, the next game, the next season and the next premiership.  

You never succeed in life at anything by eating your own. We do not, it is simply not the Hawthorn way. 

So, wear your scarves, be proud of our colours and join with me in rising up to the challenge that is before us. 

Have a good day. 

Jeff Kennett 

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