President Jeff Kennett has penned a letter to members...

Dear members,

Wellanother disappointing result I am afraid. 

But today I just want to remind you all, that we at Hawthorn have been in this position before.  

In 2005 we only won 5 games.  

Since then we have won 4 premierships.  

More than any other club in the competition.  

And the club is in a much better position now than we were back then.   

In 2005 we had 28,000 members, today we have 76,000. A testament to the support of all of you.  

Back in 2005 we were struggling for cash to provide the coaches with the equipment they required to build a competitive team. We had few sponsors and were about to leave Hawthorn for Mulgrave. 

But we always believed, and we always had hope.  

Importantly today we have experience! And we will use that experience to again become competitive.  

Disappointed this year? Yes! But we cannot change what has occurred.   

We can, however, change the future and we can be excited about the challenge. 

It is not the time to overreact but for wise heads to do what is necessary for 2021.  

So, to all Hawkers, hang in there. We have a challenge ahead and we will together rise to meet the new year. 

Speak soon