Incoming Hawk Tom Phillips isn't shying away from the Isaac Smith comparisons.

Phillips became a Hawk in the final hour of last week's trade period, instantly sparking chatter the Hawks had found themselves a youthful replacement for Smith.

Asked on the Hawks Talk Trade podcast how the hype sat with him, the 24-year-old Phillips said he was determined to build his game in a similar fashion to his wing predecessor. 

"Obviously Isaac has been a tremendous player, and the attributes he brings are widely recognised as one of the greats from a wing perspective," Phillips said. 

"I think I have reasonably similar traits to him, but at the same time I probably have some different ones that I can keep developing and hopefully use down the track. 

"The run and carry and my outside game is something I want to continue to build on but I have a thirst for the contest as well and an appetite for balancing that uncontested, metres gained, link play footy with my contested stuff and being able to hit it hard and get better in traffic. 

"I'm really excited to getting back into hunting the footy on the wing and really announce myself there."

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Listen to the full interview with Phillips as well as a chat with Hawks National Recruiting Manager Mark McKenzie via the link below.

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