Box Hill Coach Sam Mitchell has taken a look at the 12 AFL-listed Hawks who ran out in the VFL practice match against the Northern Bullants on the weekend.

Mitchell also makes mention of a few VFL-listed players who caught his eye.

The youthful backline core set to take us into the future

Conor Nash

"Nashy played just a half and was very important for us. He's in a really fine run of form. We really struggled in the third quarter onwards without him, our forward structure lost a lot which showed how important he is to the side."

Lachlan Bramble

"He was a strong contributor. His speed and x-factor was a real feature. He was a little bit inconsistent with his ball-handling but he was one of our better players. He missed one or two shots on goal which, had he kicked them, he probably would have been the best player on the ground."

James Cousins

"Jimbo was very strong. His work-rate to get from contest-to-contest made him again the highest possession winner on the ground. He was able to finish his work with a couple of beautiful goals. He had a really good balance between offence and defence. His decision-making with ball in hand was really good as well which is pleasing that it has improved over the last three games."

Michael Hartley

"Harts was a very influential player in the contest playing a traditional centre half-back role as well as some time in the ruck. This role enabled him to get up the ground again and use his kicking skills with aplomb. His 'Golden Fist' spoiling was a feature."

Damon Greaves

"He played a deeper defensive role this week. His defend-first mentality was very strong, with multiple one-on-one wins and some clean, simple ball-use ensuring he was a strong contributor for the side."

Finn Maginness

"Another strong defensive role on Paul Ahern, keeping him to just six disposals in the first three quarters. His ability to defend first but then make an impact offensively improved this week. His last two weeks have been very pleasing."

Harry Pepper

"He took a step forward on the weekend with his ability to defend again strong. He played on some clever small forwards, who challenged him at times, but we were impressed with his diligence to stick to the task. He was OK and will be better for another good, strong learning experience."

Josh Morris

"He kicked one goal and had multiple other chances to hit the scoreboard. His pressure was again a feature but we're looking for him to add more ground level work to the strong aerial presence he brings."

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Ned Reeves

"It was a more complete performance from him on the weekend. He again dominated the hit-outs, but this week he was able to convert those into around-the-ground clearance wins. He was also able to take some strong contested marks and hit the scoreboard in what was a very well-rounded performance."

Emerson Jeka

"Early in the game he stubbed his toe while kicking and then gave away a free kick, so it was really pleasing to see him remain persistent and stick with it. He finished with six goals straight after that and was able to lay off multiple other chances to other players as well. His marking and leading was a strong feature of the win."

Connor Downie

"A big step in the right direction for Connor as he seemed to become more comfortable at VFL level. He found more of the footy and was able to use it well. The next step for him is to back himself and run with the ball. His assertive positioning and voice will enable him to take the next step as a player." 

Jack Saunders

"Jack's run and carry was a feature of his game on the weekend. His ability to use his speed remains a strength for him. While his game understanding certainly improved this week, he wasn't able to get as involved as he would have liked. He continues to be a great competitor for us."

And some of the best Box Hill-listed guys?

Fergus Greene was able to kick five goals in a strong performance, particularly after dislocating his finger in the warm-up.

Vincent Adduci caused all sorts of mayhem in the front half of the ground with his chase-down tackles and clever ball-use a feature.

Our captain Damian Mascitti played in the forward line and showed some great creativity to set up multiple scoring options.

Jordan Cunico is settling in as a defender with his run and carry being a strong feature for the team.