Box Hill Coach Sam Mitchell has given his review of the six AFL-listed Hawks who took to the field in a unique scratch match on Sunday.

The Hawks took on a side made up of North Melbourne and Carlton listed players, with the makeshift outfit proving clearly too strong for the undermanned brown and gold outfit.

Mitchell was not too perturbed by the final score though, instead highlighting the opportunity it presented for some of the younger players on the VFL list. 

"In an unusual game where we had just six AFL-listed players playing against 20 from two different clubs, it was a great day for opportunity and experience, and to try a few new things," Mitchell said.

"We lost by 10 goals in the end and that was probably a fair representation of the gap between the two sides.

"But it was a great opportunity for some of our young Box Hill listed players to get some experience at the level."

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Finn Maginness 

"He started as a defender and defended well. He did look more comfortable though when he moved back into the midfield where he was able to get his hands on the ball a little bit more. He looked OK."

Ned Reeves

"Reevesy was challenged by North Melbourne's Tom Campbell in the ruck contest. He learnt a lot from him, particularly with his running patterns. He held his own in the ruck but he didn't have a significant influence."

James Cousins

"He played his second game back at the level and he found a bit of the footy. He worked hard on the day.

Mitch Lewis

"Mitch played his first game back after his concussion and he was able to find a bit of the footy, especially between the arcs. Our forwardline struggled in general though, we didn't get it into the front half as much as we would have liked. And, while he did some really good things that showed his qualities, it wasn't as well-rounded a game as he would have liked."

Seamus Mitchell

"Seamus Mitchell did a couple of genuine A-grade things, including a one-handed pick-up at speed. But his finishing wasn't at the level he is capable of for such a polished ball-user. It has been great to have him back in the side for a couple of games and he will improve over the rest of the season."

Josh Morris

"Josh Morris played his second game in defence and he looked more comfortable again. His ability to influence in the air and on the ground, along with his courage, make him a solid defender."

And how about some of those young Box Hill listed players?

"Chayce Black showed a bit as a running defender and he also went forward at times. He had some really nice moments as a line-breaking defender, particularly in the first half."

"Campbell Tweedie is a kid out of the amateurs. He had only trained with us once. But it showed a great connection and helped towards continuing to build a great Box Hill community side of the club, where we are giving exposure and experience to young high-performers from amateur level and local footy level."

"Lachie Wynd is out of Rowville. He kicked a nice goal and it was good to have him around."