The Hawthorn Football Club is committed to closing the Gender Pay Gap at every level of the club. 

While the club’s figures appear to be a relatively balanced situation, we are aware the data does not present the full picture of the Gender Pay Gap among employees. 

These figures include a significant number of part time employees (namely within our AFLW program), are renumerated by the club for a part of the year. From 2024 this contracting arrangement will change as per the collective bargaining agreement. 

In recognising this, the focus of the organisation remains on closing the gender-based gap between its employees. 

Across the past 12 months the club has increased female representation on the board, and more than 50 per cent of those hired and promoted by the club were women. 

The club has also put in place a number of measures to support diversity and equality at the workplace these include: 

  • Paid parental leave scheme that supports both primary and secondary carers 
  • Development of a diversity and inclusion action plan to be launched in 2024 
  • Focus on internal promotions of female employees 
  • Gender balanced recruitment panels 
  • Flexible work options 
  • Change Our Game scholarships for women in sport and continued learning and development opportunities to develop female staff 
  • New leave policy that includes: flexible public holidays, reproductive health and wellbeing