Hawthorn will aim to secure a top two finish when it takes on Williamstown on Saturday at Box Hill in the last round of the VFLW home and away season.

This week’s team is full of exciting players, with a Hawks legend returning and three young guns making their debut.

Headlining the inclusions is Meg Hutchins, who despite retiring last year has played a pivotal off-field role with the team this season, including being a runner on game day.

This time around, she’ll be lacing up the boots once again to help the Hawks finish their season on a high.

This week’s debutants are former Murray Bushranger Abby Favell, Gippsland Power star Alisha Molesworth and 2022 Eastern Ranges runner-up best and fairest Grace Walsh.

Jade Wise rounds out the ins as the team not only looks to celebrate a win but also the VFLW Indigenous Round.

The Hawks will be wearing Indigenous Guernseys designed by Miimi & Jiinda, founded by Aboriginal mother and daughter Lauren Jarrett and Melissa Greenwood.

The specially created guernsey is called 'Barrmarrany Miirlarl' - meaning family, special place.

It shows everyone coming together as one and has all the elements of the Australian landscape including land, sea, waterways, flora, fauna, sun, moon and stars.

Check out the full team below.

B: 17. K. Cox, 8. C. Schmidli

HB: 21. J. Trend, 9. A. Kemp, 27. E. McLinden

C: 4. N. Garner, 32. J. Mifsud, 14. G. McRae

HF: 12. S. Wilson, 5. E. Humphries, 35. J. Wise

F: 20. J. Williams, 41. K. Stratton

R: 29. S. Perrott, 3. I. Porter, 7. I. Khoury

INT: 46. A. Molesworth, 15. M. Hutchins, 13. M. Kendall, 30. A. Favell, 37. G. Walsh

EMG: 45. S. Humm, 44. L. Guastella, 26. J. Hutchinson


In: Abby Favell (debutant), Alisha Molesworth (debutant), Grace Walsh (debutant), Jade Wise, Meg Hutchins


Out: Abbey Holmes, Nadia von Bertouch (injured), Tahlia Meyer (injured), Sarah Humm, Tamara Luke