AIA believes in a healthier, longer, better life for every Australian and wants to support clubs like Hawthorn by encouraging members and fans to make those small changes to improve their lifestyle.

To celebrate our partnership, AIA has a special offer for you.

Join AIA Health and get up to $400 in club credit to spend on Hawks membership, merchandise, events or hospitality.*

Plus AIA will contribute the same amount to our club to support our men’s and women’s football programs. So, when you join AIA Health, you’re not just protecting yourself and your loved ones, you’ll also be helping the Mighty Hawks.

To claim your special offer, use the promo code HAWKS21.

For more information and to find the right cover for you visit the AIA website. If you prefer to talk to someone, call 1800-AIA-AFL or you can request a call here.

*Terms and conditions apply.