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Due to the current global pandemic, Hawthorn players, their families, and people all over the world have been finding new ways to learn, stay active and have fun at home. 

Here at Hawthorn, we’re excited to share some of the things we’re doing to keep on top of our game, in hope that they can help you during this time.

Keep visiting this page to see more skills clinics, games and activities, and of course a few appearances from our mascots Hawka and Hawkette! 

Improve your skills

Self-isolation can be the perfect opportunity to improve a skill or learn a new one. The Hawthorn players are here to help you with your basic football skills, from handballing, to ground balls - all the way up to the advanced skill of speccies!

Healthy Tasmania

Though our lifestyles have undergone significant changes as a result of COVID-19, it is important we continue to place an emphasis on our physical and mental wellbeing. Watch the below videos for some simple ways you can look after yourself throughout this period of self-isolation.

Read a book!

Reading a book is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a busy day. Whether you prefer a short story or a longer novel, there's reading material out there to suit everyone's needs.

If you need some encouragement, the Hawks are here to help. Have a look at our 'Story Time' videos below!

Activities to do at home

From baking, to gardening, to crosswords - there are so many different activities you can do to keep you busy and entertained at home. A lot of activities also have the added bonus of stimulating your mind or body, too!

Watch the below videos for a few different 'at home' boredom busters.