The Hawthorn reserves faced difficult conditions as they went down to Casey Fields to take on Melbourne for a scrimmage game on Saturday.

In unusual circumstances, both Hawthorn and Melbourne were topped with players from Collingwood with the game starting at 18 on 18 players, but finished with 16 on 16.

Development Coach Sam Mitchell has given his review of each AFL-listed player below. 

Final round fixture details confirmed

Jack Saunders

“Jack was strong playing on the wing, his ability to run and carry was a stand-out. He had a little bit of trouble breaking some tackles this week, but found plenty of the ball.”

Finn Maginness

“He continued his role as a defender and then went to Nathan Jones later in the game and did a good job. He’s used his experience as a defender to find a good balance between attack and defence when he went back through the midfield.”

Michael Hartley

“Michael was very strong in defence and used the ball well, his kicking skills stood out and he also brought a great amount of energy.”

Keegan Brooksby

“Keegan was very strong and led the way with five tackles, and was able to get his hands on the ball forward of centre regularly.”

Harry Pepper

“Harry had some very exciting moments - his run, speed and pressure were a stand-out on the day, he was perhaps our best performer.”

Josh Morris

“After a difficult preparation given he was the medical sub for the seniors side the day before, Morris was a little slow to get into it, but after quarter time played strongly and his dash from half-back has been a stand-out.”

Damon Greaves

“Greaves was reliable as ever behind the ball, rarely giving his man options of movement or ball use, but he played a little bit deeper so he wasn’t as involved in offence this week.”

Emerson Jeka

“Jek continues to improve in his leading patterns, he’s a very difficult match-up inside 50, but was able to show some of his attributes with some very skillful kicking.”

Jackson Callow

“Jackson also had a difficult preparation going down to Launceston as an emergency. He played some minutes higher up the ground and did some really nice things. His ability to get his hands free in the tackle was pleasing. He went back late in the game and showed something, maybe something to explore in the future.”

Denver Grainger-Barras

“Denver’s ability to read the ball in the air was again a strength, he was able to break out of congestion on occasion and give us composed ball use. He had a difficult match-up on a very good player in Sam Weideman, and didn’t lower his colours.”

Ned Reeves

“Reeves was very strong in the ruck against Majak Daw, winning the majority of hit-outs, but wasn’t able to get involved in offence this week.”

Seamus Mitchell

“Seamus did a couple of very exciting things, but unfortunately got a nasty tackle which led to a concussion and him being ruled out early in the game.”