Hawthorn’s AFL wheelchair stars have opened up about their personal stories in a documentary which highlights the misconceptions about disabilities and sport.

Created by Will Michael, 'Roll to Win' is a short film that tells the stories of some of the Victorian Wheelchair Football League's best players.

Hawks players including Joanna Argaet, Troy Hawkins and Jeremy O'Halloran feature in the film.

Hawthorn's VWFL and AFL Blind teams set to resume seasons

While the VWFL might seem different, the players want to inform others that they are just like everyone else.

The film highlights some misconceptions about disabilities and sport, and shows how wheelchair football has helped these players change their lives - against all odds.

The resumption of the 2021 VWFL competition is set to commence this month.

It comes after the league faced major disruptions this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Hawthorn’s inclusion team programs are made possible thanks to the support of the club’s social inclusion partner, Afford.  With over 65 years of experience, Afford is one of Australia’s longest serving disability service providers. To find out more, please click here.

Watch the full documentary here.