If you are looking for a special gift for a family member or friend who loves the Brown ‘n Gold you can purchase a copy of the book, Kennedy’s Commandos the Story of the ’71 Hawks at the special offer of $30.

The ’71 book is only available at the Hawks Museum and if postage is required, please add $15

Enquires hawksmuseum@hawthornfc.com.au or call (03) 9535 3075 / 0427 455 723

The Hawks Museum has received a wonderful response with our latest publication. The ’71 book has gone international with club members who reside in Hong Kong, Canada and England purchasing a copy.

Tony Gillespie from the West Midlands, England responded with a message, I just wanted to congratulate everyone who contributed to the wonderful story of Kennedy's Commandos. I found it a fascinating read and I almost felt that I had been present. I enjoyed looking at my 1971 Premiership DVD whilst reading the book which again had the impact of bringing the Grand Final to life. Once more many thanks for this excellent publication.

Tony Gillespie from the West Midlands, England with his copy of Kennedy’s Commandos

The ’71 book

There have been many superlatives written and said about the Club, among them the suggestion that Hawthorn were: “The World Champions!”  The Club won 21 out of the 24 games played, the most by any VFL Club in one Season. This included the two tough battles against St Kilda in the Second Semi-Final and the Grand Final to take the Premiership. After winning the VFL Premiership, the Club then defeated SAFL Premiers, North Adelaide, in Adelaide and the following week won our three games in the Knock-out Series in Perth to win the Australian Championship.

The final tally was 28 games for 25 wins and three losses. For the record Peter Crimmins, Kevin Heath, Peter Hudson, Alan Martello, and Don Scott played in all 28 games.

Co-written by museum staff, Peter Haby and Rachel Bradshaw with Richard Allsop of Footy Flashback fame, the book totals 164 pages and gives a detailed account of the year. A highlight within the book several supporters were invited to add their memories of that great day in 1971 which are fascinating to read. Many of the photos and memorabilia come from the players personal collections and have seldom been seen.

The book tells us how the team was assembled over a period of seven years, the training program that led to the birth of Kennedy’s Commandos, the home & away season and reaching the ultimate goal the Club’s second Premiership. Each player story is told accompanied by numerous photos. Also included are the all-important officials & the coaches. John Kennedy Jnr offers a wonderful insight to his father.