Hawthorn’s two off-season recruits Chad Wingard and Tom Scully have drawn much of the conversation about the club across the summer.

Questions over where Wingard will line up and how Scully is recovering from his ankle injury have dominated the airwaves, as fans try to work out how the Hawks will fare in 2019.

But Luke Breust says, from a teammate’s perspective, there have been few questions in regard to the pair’s first impressions at the Ricoh Centre.

“I’ve been very impressed with the way (Wingard) has been able to move clubs and he has certainly had an impact on our group,” Breust told RSN on Thursday.

“I think we all know what sort of player he is, he can do some special things and we saw a lot of that pre-Christmas.

“So, I’m looking forward to him getting back out on the field as soon as possible.”

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When asked if anything had surprised him since Wingard’s arrival, Breust looked past the two-time All Australian’s well-renowned talents.

“If anything has surprised me, I think his leadership has stood out.

“When he speaks, he speaks really well, and he has some strong opinions on things.”

As for Scully, Breust said the former Giant’s application to his injury recovery has been a source of inspiration for his teammates.

“It was an awesome scene the other day at training when he rolled off the half-back line and then hit a target inside 50 – all the boys erupted,” Breust recounted.

“It’s spirit-lifting for the group in terms of where Tom has come from.

“He is tracking along very nicely.”