He is about to play his 350th AFL match, becoming just the 16th player in history to do so, but Shaun Burgoyne believes he has plenty of game time left in the tank yet.

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During his press conference on Tuesday morning, a relaxed and happy Burgoyne said he hopes to play beyond the 2018 season, despite turning 36 at the end of the year.

"I feel like I could play another year at least," Burgoyne said.

"But I'm not looking past the next game.

"The club's got a good role for me to play within the team, so as long as I'm executing that role well and don't have any significant injuries, it just comes back to mentally how strong I am to push through.. But I feel like I'm in the best spot possible."

Burgoyne is currently the oldest player in the league, and the only individual remaining from the draft class of 2000. While some parts of football prove more difficult than others for the 35-year-old, he says he's enjoying his footy as much as ever.

"I don't enjoy pre-season, no one enjoys that," Burgoyne laughs.

"But game time for me is the best time of the week.

"That competitive instinct just kicks in, and that's as strong today as it [ever] was, probably stronger.

"As most senior players [would say], you enjoy and savour every moment as you get older, and that's exactly what I'm doing."