Hawthorn Physical Performance Manager Luke Boyd says the fitness staff has been pleased with the progression of Jarman Impey.

Impey tragically ruptured his ACL in last year's Round 18 clash against Geelong amidst a break-out season for the dashing defender.

Having recently made the transition to running on grass, Boyd said Impey had been a force throughout his recovery phase to date.

"Jars has been running on land now for just over three weeks and he had been running on the Alter-G machine for a number of weeks before that," Boyd said. 

"He is starting to transition into that performance running mode now and he's been looking really, really impressive on the training track so we're really happy with how he's progressed."

Another Hawk coming off a career-best campaign, Mitch Lewis is continuing to make strides in his recovery from shoulder surgery.

"Mitch had shoulder surgery post-season last year but he's been back in the training program without contact basically since day one.

"Since returning from the Christmas break though, he has been able to integrate back into full-game play and he has been progressing really well."

Meanwhile Tom Mitchell is also taking all of the appropriate steps in his pursuit of a return to the field.

"Similar to Mitch, since returning from Christmas, Tom has been re-integrating into full contact work and he was able to get 30 minutes of full game-play with the boys recently and looked comfortable.

"If anything, we're now probably just trying to make sure he doesn't push himself too much given we still have a number of weeks until the start of the season."

Having undergone a pre-Christmas procedure, Jack Gunston is also working through the stages of his rehabilitation. 

"Jack's started running and we will start to build that over the next three weeks at which point we're hoping he will be back in the ball program."