Hawthorn VFLW premiership player Meg Hutchins says the unknown surrounding the competition in 2020 is proving challenging for the squad. 

The VFLW season was set to kick off last weekend with the Hawks set to open their campaign against North Melbourne last Sunday.

Despite the current circumstances, Hutchins says the squad is remaining tight-knit and hopeful there is life yet for the league this year. 

"The main thing over this period has been the struggle of not knowing what is going on," Hutchins said.

"As footballers, you're usually always working towards certain dates or certain goals which makes it easier, but at the moment there's nothing really concrete to have our eyes on.

"So, what we've found is building motivation has been quite tough for some which is understandable but we just have to work through that.

"It's been really important for us to share these thoughts and feelings between the group so we can try to help each other out

The 38-year-old Hutchins said despite the unknown of this situation she is remaining optimistic and positive. 

"We've learnt really quickly that it's been really important to deal with the actual facts and not the rumours and information you receive second-hand.

"But, I guess the reality for us so far has been that there has been very limited information to come through."

The well-being of the group is the number one priority, Hutchins says, with the coaching staff and senior players placing a huge importance on remaining in contact and providing support to each other where needed. 

"We've all been split into small groups with each groups having a senior player in a coordinator-type role

"Each group has at least one Zoom catch-up per week and we don't talk too much about football necessarily, it's just as much about checking in on each other and making sure everyone is doing OK

"Some groups have done trivia, some riddles and some are just general catch-ups.

Each of these groups have been named after influential pioneers and trailblazers of the women's game including Jan Cooper, Debbie Lee and Jo Butland. 

First-year coach Bec Goddard has found herself in a difficult situation as she gets to know her new squad but Hutchins said her strengths of story-telling have been a highlight for the group's resilience.

"We're also doing a lot of research and work into the history of the women's game and looking at the impact of some of these people who our groups are named after.

"We've started presenting to the group on these people so that's been really, really good for everyone, but more so the younger girls, to give them some perspective of the work that has gone in to getting women's footy to where it is today."