Hawthorn midfield star Tom Mitchell says he has found a new challenge in training sessions so far this week.

With the squad having been split into groups of approximately eight players each, Mitchell said there is much greater scrutiny on individuals throughout each drill.

"They're tough drills because there's nowhere to hide out there with such small numbers," Mitchell told a press conference via Zoom on Wednesday.  

"We're working pretty hard and today was a higher volume session than Monday so the intensity was a bit higher and they've been some pretty quality sessions so far."

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Tom Mitchell "Never done anything like this before"

Tom Mitchell fronted the media in a different sort of way today as he spoke to the journalists via video conferencing instead of in person.

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With the contested elements of training set to resume next week, Mitchell says it will require the collaboration of players, coaches and medical staff to ensure the side is prepared to play by the game's June 11 restart.

"I think it's going to be a progression, not only for myself but for everyone, because there's obviously been no contact at training this week and then I think we have two to three weeks of being able to build up our contact work.

"So, it'll probably be light contact but by the week leading up to Round 1, I feel as though we will be testing ourselves at 100 per cent and hopefully that's enough to hold you in good stead for Round 2."

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Having played just one senior match since his return from a broken leg, Mitchell denied being overly concerned by the injury risks associated with a limited preparation but conceded he and his teammates must increase their professionalism standards to ensure a clean bill of health moving forward.

"I suppose that's where our medical and conditioning team comes in and we put a lot of trust in our team and they do an awesome job for us.

"I think they looked after us really well in the team we had away from the club.

"There will now be a focus on monitoring loads, soreness, change of direction and then it is upon each player to take the initiative to recover with strategies that we are permitted to use."