Isaac Smith has taken a refreshingly positive approach to the reality of society's current circumstances. 

As the squad returned to training this week, Smith, who recently became a father, explained how he had enjoyed the time away from the club. 

For the brown and the gold, the young and the old. A tribute to our Hawthorn family, narrated by a host of iconic names. 

"I've quite enjoyed it, I think life has slowed down a bit since all of this has happened," Smith said. 

"I've taken the opportunity to reset and assess what's important in life.

"I think a lot of the guys have come back here with a lot of energy, they know when they're here they have to be on but they're not here for a long amount of time so the atmosphere around the place is very good at the moment."

The 31-year-old continued to say the current training schedule was also something he was very satisfied with as the group honed in on their preparations ahead of the game's June 11 restart.

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Smith hasn't missed a beat

Isaac Smith spoke about the different training environment the side faces in their first week back.

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"With these new AFL protocols, it means we only train Monday, Wednesday, Friday so my dreams have come true!

"But it's really nice to be back with the boys, having a bit of fun and talking a bit of dribble as we do."

"We've only got six in our group so I think it's good and a good opportunity to get a bit closer to those five other guys.

"Also, you can't hide when you're out on the track and you actually get the opportunity to touch the football a hell of a lot and the opportunity to take control of certain things so I think there's some real positives to be taken out of it."