With the VFLW 2020 season remaining up in the air, Hawks forward Sarah Perkins was beginning to struggle for motivation with her training.

With the momentum of having her AFLW career reignited by a stint with Melbourne in early March, Perkins couldn't have been more excited to attack the ensuing VFLW season head-on with her Hawks teammates. 

But, within weeks the season had been postponed, triggering a slow decline in that bubbly excitement that Perkins is known and loved for across the Hawks squad.

That's when she came across a charity run that piqued her interest. 

The event is called RunRona and, supported by Aboriginal fashion label Clothing The Gap, it has pledged 100% of profits raised to grassroots Health Promotion programs in Aboriginal Communities through the work of Spark Health.

"It's an Indigenous fun run that I have just got involved in with one of the girls at Essendon, Courtney Ugle," Perkins said

"I saw her smashing it on social media and I thought, given I'm not really on a structured training program as such at the moment and I'm a bit unmotivated with my training, I thought this would be a good source of motivation to get fit and do it for a good cause."

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The 2018 VFLW premiership player concedes she is "not a very good long-distance runner" but the event has given her a new motive to get active.

"I've just been making sure I've been running every second day and focussing on that.

"The best thing has been just running and not finding it a task or just another pre-season."

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We're in this together

This National Reconciliation Week, the Hawks are encouraging you to have meaningful conversations and learn more about each other's cultures, as we all work towards a fully reconciled country.

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Perkins admits the unknown surrounding the 2020 VFLW season has been tough to deal with for her and her teammates. 

"The uncertainty is a bit much at times, I'd rather know if we are going to play or if we're not. 

"It's becoming a little bit frustrating, if I'm honest.

"But, I'm pretty lucky that I'm a part of such a tight-knit group that is sticking together virtually through Zoom meetings and various challenges that coach Bec Goddard has set us."