Hawthorn VFLW Coach Bec Goddard is optimistic about the opportunities that could arise for women’s football in the near future.

Joining the Hawks in December last year, Goddard says she has great faith in the path the club has taken in the women’s game.

“We’re really lucky at Hawthorn that we have this leadership and this vision that we want to go to make it even better,” Goddard told Hawthorn’s Heavy Hitters podcast.

“You know you’re part of the core business at Hawthorn.

“So, the time is perfect to show we’re ready to go and that we have invested in our program and in our players.”

Burgoyne, Goddard, Vandenberg and Reeves - the fourth episode of Hawthorn's Heavy Hitters is once again jam-packed with big Hawthorn names.

Yet to coach a game with her new side, Goddard explained the playing group and coaches had been impressively resilient throughout a tough time.

“It’s been a bit of a strange one because we’ve stopped training, but we’ve stayed in touch and I think that’s the most important thing that’s happened.

“We’ve been having weekly Zoom sessions and we’ve had a few interesting challenges over the time just to stay connected and see what happens.

“When something terrible happens like a pandemic, I think it’s about working out the right time to work out what is new and what’s coming next.”

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Bec Goddard arrives home

Bed Goddard feels as if she always belonged at Hawthorn as she came down to meet her team for the 2020 season.

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Hawthorn CEO Justin Reeves also joined the podcast and he affirmed the club’s aspirations in the women’s game.

“We made a decision a couple of years ago to really focus in on our women’s football program and that’s when we put all our efforts into the VFLW because that was where we felt we could start and kick off,” Reeves said.

“We’ve always had a vision, and we have always been quite public with our vision, that we want to be part of the AFLW.

“We think we run a great football program which is the way we think it should be for every man and woman, boy and girl who has a dream of playing for the Hawks.”