Hawthorn's new podcast 'Hawks in Review' takes an in-depth look at Hawthorn's recent performance. Host Andrew Clarke will be joined by a different assistant coach each week to analyse the result and provide insight into Hawthorn's strategy and game plan. For Round 4, Midfield Coach Sam Mitchell is in the hot seat to explain how the Hawks pulled off the win over the Roos, and exactly what happened in the final term.

While the match was a low scoring affair, there were plenty of crunching tackles and hard-fought contests to keep things exciting.

“Offensively, it wasn’t a game of highlights,” Mitchell says on reflection.

“But if you wanted to make a physicality tape to show to your friends, I think you could come up with a really good one from that game.

“Both teams played a really physical game, and there will be a few sore bodies in the aftermath.”

Listen to the below podcast as Mitchell dissects the areas in which Hawthorn won the contest, while sharing his thoughts about the Hawks' fourth-quarter fadeouts and how they can turn them around.