Of course we love the premierships. They're the reason we watch - the reason we play.

But there's just something about a preliminary final win that heightens your emotions in every possible way. Loyal fans from both clubs packed into the stadium, their passion overflowing. The feeling of knowing you'll be spending the week celebrating your team, the mad rush for tickets, the utter joy of making it to the big dance.

And when it's a close preliminary final win, those feelings are just that little bit sweeter.

That was certainly the case for the Hawks of 2012, after they held onto a five-point victory over Adelaide in one of the most exciting preliminary finals the game has seen.

Goals to Cyril and Buddy in the dying minutes were enough to seal the victory, elating the brown and gold army, and breaking Crow hearts.

The Golden Years podcast team is back to reminisce on that incredible evening, with the help of former Hawks champion Xavier Ellis, who was right there in the thick of it.

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