Hi there Hawkers,

I would not be being frank with you all if I did not say that I have been disappointed with how the season has unfolded for us so far this year. But I will not be alone in thinking that.

The coaches and playing group are undoubtedly as disappointed as we, the members are.

That said, it has been a very disruptive year, but that has been the case for all clubs and teams, so we make no excuses.

Despite the circumstances of the season, some of our competitors are in full flight, and I thought the game between Port Adelaide and Richmond was probably the best game I have watched this year.

So far we at Hawthorn have seen some exciting players emerge, who will clearly be the group around whom our future will be built. Players like O’Meara, Mitchell, Sicily, Worpel, Impey, Day, Hardwick and so the list goes on.

As the coach has said, and particularly with no VFL competition in 2020, we need to give some of our younger players some match experience. We expect to see a continuation of the introduction of these younger players into the team over the rest of the season.

So, while disappointed, I am excited about the challenge ahead. We have been in this position before and can again become very competitive. Do not get me wrong, we at Hawthorn never give up, and will fight out every game. But that said, without knowing what season 2021 is going to look like, we need to start preparing for next year.

My message is to stay focused, and while we clearly cannot be winners of every match, every year, we can always be passionate about the club, its people and where we are going.

We will have more to say shortly, for now I just want to reassure you, that your Board, and the administration of Hawthorn are very focused. We may be a little battered and bruised, but we continue to stand tall and proud of who we are, our history, and most importantly the future we wish to carve out for the club and its members.

Have a good day,

Jeff Kennett