'Kicking Down the Door' is Hawthorn's new podcast, showcasing the incredible people and stories within the club's women's football program.

At Hawthorn, we know we're ready for an AFLW licence, and after listening to the inspiring voices platformed in this podcast - the rest of the country will soon know too. It's time to kick down the door.

In episode 4, host Stephanie Edwards is joined by former Melbourne AFLW player and now Hawks VFLW runner Ainslie Kemp.

Hawthorn will kick down the door for an AFLW licence in Season Seven

After rupturing her ACL three times in three seasons, Kemp shares her heartbreaking story of injury troubles and setbacks; whilst also shedding light on how she has found positives out of her rotten luck. 

Listen now below, or search for 'Kicking Down the Door' on your chosen podcast provider.