Andy Otten takes us through his review of how each Hawk forward performed this year.

Mitch Lewis

"Mitch showed us what he is capable of at AFL level this year, being a big key forward. He started the year promisingly before being injured in the middle part of the year. We're just really after some consistent performances from him to take his game to the next level. We think we'll get that with another big pre-season under his belt to build his body up and build his confidence, but we've seen what Mitch can do and we're excited for what's ahead of him."

Ollie Hanrahan

"Ollie played 13 senior games, he probably struggled to find a little bit of consistency earlier in the year and then went back to Box Hill and played some really outstanding football in the midfield and around the forward line. He then came back into the senior side later in the year and showed some of that good form that he had at Box Hill, so he ended the season quite nicely, and we hope that progresses through to next year."

Premiership Hawk returns to Waverley Park to take up a spot in the coaching ranks

Jack Gunston

"Jack unfortunately had a back injury all year and we only saw him for one game this year. But behind-the-scenes Jack has spend a lot of time with the young key forwards, working on their craft and even game day popping into the coaches box, so he gained a lot of experience this year."

Chad Wingard

"I think we can see how crucial Chad is to our side, especially the form he finished this season with when he went a bit more midfield but still showed he was able to hit the scoreboard. Chad is such an integral part of this side and when he's fit and firing, Hawthorn is too."

Luke Breust

"Punky, won our goal-kicking with 33 goals. He looks dangerous every time he gets near the footy. He showed his class and leadership with this young forwardline and as usual took his chances when he could in front of goal. Bringing his tackling and chase pressure, and just his general class around this young forward was crucial in the year they had."

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Moore speaks on his contract extension

A well deserved extra 2 years for Dylan Moore!

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Jacob Koschitzke

"Kosi came from nowhere really - he was a defender last year and then trained really hard this pre-season and set himself up with an outstanding season in our forwardline. We saw his athletic capabilities with his running power, but I think most of all with his competitiveness and willingness to compete ahead of the ball and his fight every time he is around the footy. He had fantastic growth this year, played 20 games and really took a massive leap forward in his young career."

Josh Morris

"Morris played five AFL games this year. He probably struggled a little bit to find some consistency and form in the first part of the year but then finishing off the year at Box Hill in the backline, we saw some great glimpses of what he can produce being a defender. Look out and watch this space for Josh Morris going forward. He's still young, with another big pre-season under his belt, he'll only get better."

Dylan Moore

"Moore is probably one of our most improved players of the year. He had a massive pre-season and led the track from day one. He showed his work-rate and his ability to get up and down the ground, and then put pressure on in that forwardline and be a tackling machine, while getting some scoreboard results as well. Moorey was outstanding for us, he had an outstanding year in the forwardline in his first full season."

Emerson Jeka

"Big Jeka showed us the talent that he has, we just have to combine the natural talent with some stronger work ethic. He knows the things he needs to improve on with his defensive work, but we're adamant that once we get that right that he's going to be a huge player for this football club going forward. He is immensely talented, but also knows that talent can only get you so far. In the VFL he played some outstanding football, kicking goals regularly, being unselfish with his teammates and using his amazing foot skills, so we're really excited for that the future holds for Jeka."

Seamus Mitchell

"Seamus was injured most of the pre-season and first half of the year, so we didn't get to unveil him until the second half of the year. But again, we saw a few little glimpses of the talent he has. He'll need another big pre-season to get his fitness levels up and know the system with Sam coming in. But gee, he is an exciting young talent who's got super speed and he loves to tackle as well."

Tyler Brockman

"Brocky had a great first year. Coming over from Perth, he settled in really quickly and played a fair few games earlier in the year. We saw the talent that he possesses, he just needs to put that together with his game knowledge and work rate - that's only going to build up after a couple of pre-seasons. But we're really excited about the way Brocky finished the year in the side, he kicked three goals in the last game of the year so we're really excited about what he has to offer."

Jack Saunders

"Saunders had a sharp learning curve when he first came to the club, but he was probably our greatest learner and he improved dramatically as the year went on. He's a small forward who loves to tackle - we call him Mighty Mouse because he just runs everywhere. He had great growth this year, we saw him in the wing at Box Hill at well. He had a great year in terms of learning in the VFL and we're really excited with what the future offers of Jack."

Jackson Callow

"Callow came half-way through the year after dominating the SANFL in South Australia. We're really impressed with how he presented, he trained with us over pre-season for a couple of weeks, but he went away and improved on some things. What we saw when he came back was a different athlete, his work-rate really shone out in his VFL games. He shows a lot of promise, he's a big key forward, can take a big clunk and loves kicking goals as well - the future is pretty bright for Callow."