Hawthorn AFLW Senior Coach Bec Goddard believes the resources and care that went into the club's VFLW program has set the Hawks up for AFLW success.

The club started its women’s program in 2018 when it joined the VFLW competition, and won the premiership in 2019 with current Hawthorn players Sarah Perkins and Tamara Luke a part of the side that defeated Geelong.

“I think because Hawthorn hasn't had an AFLW license they’ve really valued women in the program that they have,” Goddard told the Credit to the Girls podcast.

“That is the highest level they had so all the resources and everything went into that program and high performance, to get to this day where we would have an AFLW program and be well set up to just roll that continuation on.”

In the lead-up to AFLW season seven, Hawthorn had 17 players from its VFLW program signed to AFLW lists across the competition. Nine of those players were signed by Hawthorn to bolster its inaugural list.

“I think when women are valued and treated the way they deserve to be treated which is as athletes in high performance, then you see the results,” Goddard said.

“Seventeen players were taken by ourselves and AFLW clubs because they’re deemed as ready to go.”

As for what fans can expect in Season Seven of the AFLW Goddard says fans can expect to see a “ferocious and offensive” style of football from the Hawks.