Hawthorn will continue a long-standing tradition on Saturday when the club battles it out for the annual Beyond Blue Cup.

The Hawks will take on the West Coast Eagles for the cup in their Round 15 clash at the MCG.

The Beyond Blue Cup aims to shine a light on mental health conditions and to make conversations about mental health and wellbeing a part of everyday life.

Hawthorn Football Club CEO Justin Reeves said Hawthorn was proud of its 14-year partnership with Beyond Blue.

“Our longstanding partnership with Beyond Blue uses the power of AFL to raise awareness around anxiety and depression, with the aim of breaking down stigma surrounding mental health.

“In footy, it’s the unbelievable goals and high-flying marks that draw all the attention, but the one-percenters are just as important and it’s the same with mental health.

“Just like the one-percenters can add up to influence the result of a football match, it’s the little things, the one-percenters, that we can do every day to take care of our wellbeing that add up to have a positive impact on your mental health.”

Three million Australians are currently experiencing anxiety or depression.

Beyond Blue Lead Clinical Adviser Dr Grant Blashki said little things we do every day can help strengthen our mental health and wellbeing.

“Coaches know that when their players make the extra effort to deliver the one-percenters, they add up and make a big difference to the game’s outcome,” Dr Blashki said. 

“And this is also true for staying mentally well; it’s those one-percenters in life that can make a big difference in maintaining your mental health.

“In the same way a player who puts in the extra hard yards shepherding, smothering and knocking on the ball to their teammates, in life there are the one-percenters such as spending time with people who are important to you, scheduling some downtime, not over-doing it with alcohol, and getting enough sleep that all add up to make a big difference in long run.”

“Those one-percenters might also involve looking after your mates. Including, not giving up on them when they’re having a difficult time or small acts of support such as dropping them a text when they’re in that rough patch or catching up for a yarn if you’re concerned about them.”

Mental health professionals are available at the Beyond Blue Support Service via phone 24/7 on 1300 22 4636 or via their website for online chat (3PM – 12AM AEST or email responses within 24 hours).

Hawthorn will take on West Coast for the 14th annual Beyond Blue Cup this Saturday 29 June at 1.45pm at the MCG. Concourse activities and gates open at 11.45am.