Daenerys Stormborn may have been the First of Her Name, but how many Hawks are the first of their name to pull on a brown and gold jumper.

It probably comes as little shock to you that the likes of Jaeger, Teia and Kaiden are pioneers of their first names.

But would it surprise you to know that Blake Hardwick, Isaac Smith, Chad Wingard, Liam Shiels and Dylan Moore are also the first Hawks of their respective first names?

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There are a number of quirks within the Hawks’ list of names in 2019.

Six James have played a game for Hawthorn, with four of them in the current squad.

There have been three Mitchells of the first name variety and three surname Mitchells to play for the Hawks.

The only Conor or Connors that have played for the Hawks are Irish and both made appearances in 2019.

Jarman Impey is the first of his first name, but the brown and gold faithful have cheered for a Jarman before – supporting Darren for 109 games between 1991 and 1995.

Of all the names on the current list, Jack is the most common.

Scrimshaw and Gunston are the current custodians, while they have 37 namesakes that have gone before them.