ANDREW Newbold today announced he has stepped down from his position as president of the Hawthorn Football Club, with his resignation effective from today.

Current Vice-President Richard Garvey will replace Newbold as acting president until a formal election is held at the Annual General meeting in December 2016.

Newbold, a lifelong Hawthorn supporter, has served on the Board since 2003 and was elected as president in 2011.

Key club achievements overseen by Newbold include:

  • Taking the club to four consecutive grand final appearances since 2012 including three premierships
  • Overseen four years of collective club profit (total $11m +)
  • Developed the club into a major AFL business that has revenue in excess of $70m
  • Been instrumental in the development of the club’s 2013 – 2017 ‘All for One’ strategic plan and a long-term facilities strategy to future proof the club
  • A key player in negotiating the club's move to Waverley Park (as a Board member)

Hawthorn CEO Stuart Fox said Newbold has been a key factor in the continued growth and success of the club over his 13 years as a president and director.

“Andrew has played a significant role in the stability and growth of the Hawthorn Football Club since joining the Board in 2003,” Fox said.

“Through his passion, dedication and drive Andrew has provided leadership and direction across various areas of the business. He was key in negotiating the club’s move to Waverley Park, has played a vital role in the current facilities strategy and has developed Hawthorn into a major AFL business over his tenure.”

“Not only does Andrew leave Hawthorn in a strong position commercially but he has also overseen a historic period in the club’s history, achieving four consecutive grand final appearances including three premierships as president.”

Newbold said timing was important to his departure.

“I started at Hawthorn as a board member when my second daughter was starting school. This year, 2016, marks her final year. It has been a rewarding 13 years for myself and my family but my motto has always been to leave two days earlier rather than a day late and now is the time,” Newbold said.

“Throughout my tenure the club has been transformed into a powerful organisation, both on and off the field, and I always wanted to be able to step down when I was still enjoying the role. More importantly I wanted to leave at a time when my successor had a great opportunity to create their own vision.

“On the back of multiple premierships and with the club in good shape, now feels like the right time to hand over the reins.

“The club is also on the verge of a possible shift to a new home in Dingley. This is a five to ten-year project and possibly the biggest decision the club will make in its history. I feel my decision to step aside will allow my successor to own and live this next chapter.

“The Board, club and I have always made well thought out counter intuitive decisions and I see this as another of those.

 “I am proud of the many achievements the Hawthorn Football Club has made under my leadership and I would like to sincerely thank the Board, all of the administration staff for their dedication and hard work, the football department and players for their drive and determination and the loyal Hawks members for whom the club exists.

“I look forward to the continued evolution of the club under the direction of Richard Garvey and wish him all the best in his endeavours.”

Acting President Richard Garvey said he is honoured and ready to lead the Hawthorn Football Club.

“I feel privileged to have the support and backing of the board in taking on the acting presidency position,” Garvey said.

“Andrew has done an outstanding job over a long period of time, as a director and president, and I hope to be able to build on the legacy he has created by continuing to develop the Hawthorn Football Club as a strong AFL business.”

The club, as part of its governance process, had committed to a succession plan given Newbold was in his final term.

A sub-committee of three directors and two independents undertook a thorough process to identify potential president candidates.

The search concluded that Garvey was the strongest candidate and he has the unanimous support of the Hawthorn Board.

Garvey first became associated with the club in 1997 as the lead auditing partner from KPMG.  He retained this role until his retirement from the firm in early 2008 and was appointed a director of the club in October 2010 and vice-president in 2015.

He has been an integral member of the clubs Training and Administration Facility Committee, was chairman of the club’s Finance and Risk Management Committee and chairman of the club’s joint venture in Caroline Springs where he has overseen sustained business growth and strong financial results. 

Outside of Hawthorn, Garvey is a consultant, financial adviser and a member of several advisory boards. He was a Board member of the Australian Institute of Management - Victoria and Tasmania for 11 years until December 2011 including four years as president and a national Board member.