In recognition of our 20-year partnership with Tasmania, we have taken a look back at some of our favourite memories down in Launceston.

Join us as we revisit so many great moments over the past two decades, counting down from 20 to 1.

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Everybody loves Roughy! 
Tasmania Community Camp, 2019

It probably wasn’t news to anyone, but the love for Roughy at this 2019 Open Day at UTAS Stadium was almost ridiculous! Wherever Roughy went, the fans went and wherever Roughy wasn’t, it seemed the fans weren’t either! 

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Tas 20 to 1 Moments 14 - 12

To celebrate 20 years down in Tassie; we are taking a look down memory lane at the top 20 best moments in Tas.

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Lazy eight for Rough
Round 12 2014 vs West Coast 
Hawthorn 19.9 123 def. West Coast 12.7 79 

Six months removed from announcing his retirement from AFL football, Jarryd Roughead will have undoubtedly begun the process of looking back on his career and the many bright moments that adorned it. Of course, there are the four premierships that will always be at the top of his list, such is the team person he is. But when he looks back to his greatest individual performance, the game he had wrapped around his little finger most, this match-up with West Coast halfway through 2014 would be right up there. The reigning Coleman Medallist at the time, Roughy’s goalkicking prowess was on full display on this Saturday afternoon as he booted an equal career-high eight goals, matching his efforts five years earlier against Carlton. Look back on this one fondly, Rough, because we sure do! 

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Hodgey's winning run continues
Round 20 2012 vs Port Adelaide 
Hawthorn 24.15.159 def. Port Adelaide 13.9.87 

There were certain expectations placed on the Hawks in this clash with Port Adelaide in 2012. Hawthorn was expected to win for three compelling reasons. The club had won nine of its last 10 in Launceston and were two wins into its historic 19-win streak at the venue. The Hawks were also fourth on the ladder while Power were 14th. And, finally, it was a Luke Hodge milestone game, his 200th, and the Hawks had made a habit of winning such celebratory games – his debut against Richmond in Round 5, 2002, his 100th against Carlton (Round 12, 2007), his 150th game against Richmond (Round 21, 2009) and his 250th game (GF, 2014). Despite a slow start that saw Alastair Clarkson’s side trail by 13 points at quarter time, an eight-goal second term and 11-goal final stanza ensured a comfortable victory for the finals-bound Hawks. 

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