AFL games: 6

Disposals per game: 4.8

Marks:  1.8

Kicks: 3

Tackles: 0.7

Total goals: 3

As it stands: the current 2020 draft order

Jonathon Patton’s first year in the brown and gold didn’t go exactly as he would have hoped.

Patton managed just six games this year, with injuries again hindering the hulking key forward from a clean run.

The 27-year-old’s first three games, from Rounds 1 to 3, all saw him hit the scoreboard as he started to build synergy with his new teammates.

But his first injury struck the following week, leading Patton to miss two games with a foot complaint.

His return in Round 6 was then cut short, when the former Giant left the field in the opening term clutching his hamstring.

Patton featured just twice more in 2020, in Rounds 13 and 14.

The ever-resilient Patton will be hoping a turn-around in luck is on the horizon in 2021 as he looks to continue to build his career in the brown and gold.

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