'Hawks Talk Trade' is a Hawthorn podcast that will run over the course of the 2020 AFL Trade and NAB Draft period.

Each week journalist Marc McGowan will discuss, dissect and debunk all the topical Hawthorn trade and draft rumours, with help from Hawthorn guests who are in the thick of the action...

He's been the subject of one of the most high profile trade sagas of the year, but with all the action said and done, Tom Phillips is thrilled to have landed in the brown and gold.

In a podcast interview that is sure to excite and delight Hawks fans, the wingman shares how he believes he is only 'scratching the surface' of his on-field capabilities. He has big ambitions for his football career, and to be able to continue his efforts at Hawthorn - the club at which his dad and uncle were the high performance instructors during the '90s - Phillips can't wait to grab the opportunity with both hands.

He shares candid details about what the last fortnight has been like for him and his former teammates, as well as snippets from the conversations with Clarko regarding what role he'll be playing come season 2021.

Next - it's onto the draft! National Recruiting Manager Mark McKenzie joins us to share exactly what this important period looks like for the Hawks - including how we go about creating our draft order, what our stance is on potential Next Generation Academy prospects (including the highly touted Connor Downie), and whether this draft class can rightly be labelled the next 'Super Draft'.

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Your New Hawk | Tom Phillips | Highlights

Check out the Highlights from our new Hawk, Tom Phillips! Welcome!

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