They’re known as the journeymen.

Those that, across their careers, have called not one, not two but three clubs home at different times.

From the most experienced tri-clubmen John Rantall, who played 336 games with Sydney, North Melbourne and Fitzroy, to the least experienced in Jim Cullen who featured in just one game each for South Melbourne, Essendon and Carlton, each of these careers tells a fascinating tale.

So, Hawks fans, we hear you ask: why is any of this relevant to us?

Well, recent recruit Sam Frost is set to become Hawthorn’s 54th three-club player of all-time.

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Kicking off the first three years of his career with GWS, Frost spent the last five seasons at Melbourne prior to making the move to the brown and gold. 

The key defender now joins the 17-man cohort of three-club players currently listed across the AFL, including former and present teammate Tom Scully.

In fact, Scully and Frost share a lot in common, having been listed at the same three clubs across their respective careers.

The two former Giant-Demons, if you like, will become the 10th pairing of matching clubs out of this group of 54 Hawks.

There are then 34 unique combinations of sides that round out the remainder of this list.

2004 Peter Crimmins Medallist Peter Everitt is the clubhouse leader for three-club players who spent time in a brown and gold jumper, registering 291 games across his 16-year career.

Other recognisable names in this group include Terry Wallace, Paul Hudson, Dermott Brereton, Brent Guerra and Geoff Ablett.

And, for an extra piece of footy trivia, Hawthorn has seen two four-club players through its doors - Simon Minton-Connell (Carlton, Sydney, Hawthorn and then Western Bulldogs) and Alf Clay (Hawthorn, Western Bulldogs, Fitzroy, North Melbourne) – and the one and only five-club journeyman, Les Hughson, who played 75 games with Collingwood, Hawthorn, Carlton, St Kilda and, finally, Fitzroy.


The complete list of three-club players who played for the Hawks

Peter Everitt St Kilda Hawthorn Sydney 291 games (a)

Brent Guerra Port Adelaide St Kilda Hawthorn 255 games *

Terry Wallace Hawthorn Richmond Western Bulldogs 254 games (b)

Paul Hudson Hawthorn Western Bulldogs Richmond 245 games (b)

Geoff Ablett Hawthorn Richmond St Kilda 229 games *

Dermott Brereton Hawthorn Sydney Collingwood 211 games *

Len Thomas Sydney Hawthorn North Melbourne 209 games *

Darren Kappler Fitzroy Sydney Hawthorn 187 games *

Dan Minogue Collingwood Richmond Hawthorn 180 games *

Tom Scully Melbourne GWS Hawthorn 173 games *

Tony Woods Fitzroy Collingwood Hawthorn 173 games *

John Barker Fitzroy Brisbane Lions Hawthorn 168 games *

Michael Byrne Melbourne Hawthorn Sydney 167 games ((c) same order)

Zac Dawson Hawthorn St Kilda Fremantle 166 games *

Allan Hird Hawthorn Essendon St Kilda 154 games *

Jade Rawlings Hawthorn Western Bulldogs North Melbourne 148 games *

Barry Young Richmond Essendon Hawthorn 142 games ((d) same order)

Matthew Dent Fitzroy Western Bulldogs Hawthorn 118 games *

Jim Jackson St Kilda Collingwood Hawthorn 116 games *

Paul Harding Hawthorn St Kilda West Coast 116 games *

Stephen Gilham Port Adelaide Hawthorn GWS 114 games *

Vin Doherty Collingwood Hawthorn Fitzroy 113 games (e)

Grant Fowler Fitzroy Essendon Hawthorn 100 games *

Kingsley Hunter Fremantle Western Bulldogs Hawthorn 100 games *

Norm Collins Fitzroy Carlton Hawthorn 92 games (f)

Jason Taylor Fitzroy Hawthorn Collingwood 91 games (e)

Kyle Cheney Melbourne Hawthorn Adelaide 85 games *

Bill Hudd Geelong Essendon Hawthorn 83 games (g)

Jack O’Keefe Melbourne Hawthorn Sydney 82 games ((c) same order)

Robert Mace Hawthorn St Kilda Brisbane 80 games *

Mark Scott Hawthorn St Kilda Fitzroy 78 games (h)

Lance Picioane Adelaide Hawthorn North Melbourne 77 games *

Brendan Krummel West Coast Fremantle Hawthorn 74 games *

Tommy Lahiff Essendon Sydney Hawthorn 74 games *

Paul Johnson West Coast Melbourne Hawthorn 70 games *

Ricky Nixon Carlton St Kilda Hawthorn 63 games *

Frank Donnellan Hawthorn North Melbourne Fitzroy 57 games *

Matthew Spangher West Coast Sydney Hawthorn 56 games *

Alf Hurley Hawthorn Fitzroy St Kilda 53 games (h)

Todd Ridley Essendon Fremantle Hawthorn 48 games *

Tom Sutherland WB St Kilda Hawthorn 47 games *

Laurie Taylor Sydney St Kilda Hawthorn 45 games (a)

George Bolt Carlton Hawthorn North Melbourne 42 games *

Jonathan Simpkin Geelong Hawthorn Essendon 41 games (g)

Kevin Ablett Hawthorn Richmond Geelong 38 games *

Tim Allen St Kilda Hawthorn Geelong 34 games *

Harold Maskell Geelong Carlton Hawthorn 28 games *

Bob Carroll Melbourne Hawthorn Fitzroy 27 games *

Jack Stenhouse Richmond Essendon Hawthorn 24 games ((d) same order)

Bill Henry Collingwood Hawthorn Essendon 19 games (i)

Frank Asling Collingwood Essendon Hawthorn 14 games (i)

Harold Daly Hawthorn North Melbourne St Kilda 12 games *

Bruce Scharp Carlton Hawthorn Fitzroy 10 games (f)


*Denotes a unique combination of clubs in league history