IN AN ironic twist of fate, Ben McEvoy’s career as a Hawk began where his introduction to AFL started with St Kilda in 2007.

With the oval at the Ricoh Centre unavailable for the first day of pre-season as the first to fourth year players returned, the Hawks ventured to Moorabbin and the former home of St Kilda for the opening session of the pre-season.

Strangely for Hawthorn’s new recruit, it was the place where he had spent four years with St Kilda before the club moved to its new home-base in Seaford.

The irony wasn’t lost on the 200cm ruckman as he began his career at Hawthorn with a gruelling running and skills session on his old hunting ground.

“(The session) was good, though it was odd coming out to train at Moorabbin, where I started out at the Saints,” McEvoy told at the completion of his first session with his new club.

“It was that odd – it was good because it’s close to home but I don’t know if it’s ironic, weird – I don’t know what it is but certainly it’s a bit funny.”

McEvoy, who arrived at Hawthorn following a trade that saw the Club’s first round draft pick, number 17 overall and emerging midfielder Shane Savage depart, began life at his second club in impressive fashion.

The 24 year old finished the season earlier than his new teammates and consequently had an extended break but that doesn’t mean he indulged in the off-season too much, as he kept up with a training regime over the break.

That diligent approach and desire to make a good impression held him in good stead for the first session of the pre-season.

“I’ve had a good break but I’m in pretty good shape so today all went smoothly and got through unscathed,” he said of the session.

“I did a fair bit of training over the off-season - I’ve been running for about five weeks and done a fair bit of weights and bike and that sort of training while we’ve been on leave so it wasn’t too bad to get out there today and have a run around.”

He said the session was a tough one, though he was impressed with the fitness of his new teammates, many of whom he met for the first time today.

“I couldn’t ask for more really from them when they welcomed me,” he said of his new teammates.

“We were all blowing after the running sessions but there was enthusiasm within the group, which was good and they seemed in pretty good shape even though I don’t have a lot to compare it to because I don’t know how they were last year, but I was impressed.”

As for life in brown and gold?

“I like it,” he said of his new training colours.

“It’s taking a little while to get used to but I couldn’t be happier.”