New Year's resolutions typically last a matter of weeks, spur-of-the-moment ambitions that ultimately get struck down.

As the players returned for their first training day of 2020, we thought we'd ask what their (strictly non-football) goals for the new year are.

We'll certainly be keeping tabs of how these ones pan out.

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Will Golds 

Get Jack Gunston to know my name by the end of the year.

Sam Frost

Wear more sunscreen.

Harry Morrison

Never shave my moustache.

Ollie Hanrahan

Dress better.

Mitch Lewis

Buy a house on the beach.

Josh Morris

Learn to cook something other than toast.

Jonathon Patton

Find a girlfriend.

Mat Walker

Play a game.

Shaun Burgoyne

Read more books.

Conor Nash

Teach my girlfriend how to drive.